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Welcome to BroLink Technologies. 

     Brolink was used to be the Optic fiber BU of Wieson, and to serve our valued customer with efficient system, flexible production arrangement and reasonable cost in optical passive products, we have now established the new company named as Brolink and focus on the optic fiber industry in year 2010.

  We are the professional optic fiber manufacturer with more than 20years experience in this industry. To provide better service with our customer, we expanded the factory size in year 2010, and wish to grow up with all of our customers.

TEL:+0086 0769-23072363   FAX:+0086 0769-85995402  Mr Wang:+0086 13509210877 

Address:GuanCheng Science&Technology park2B,ShiLong Rd.,GuanLong Rd's Section
Dong Guang City,Guang Dong,China 

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